If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the Tuscarawas Valley Farmers Market, click here to read our guidelines. Then, fill out and submit the form below, or click on the link to print a hard copy of the application. Hard copies can be emailed to cvyoder@hotmail.com or mailed to:

Valerie Yoder/Vendor Liaison
9241 Dundee Wilmot Road
Beach City, OH 44608


We will let you know when we receive your information. Thanks for your interest in joining the TVFM!


2018 Vendor Guidelines & Application (updated 11/11/16)

Community Partner Application 2017


NOTE: You may also pay the entire season in advance and receive a 5% discount. This is non-refundable. Any days rained our or missed will not be refunded.
New vendors, please stop by the information booth for additional information about WIC, the SNAP program and wellness vouchers. By signing this vendor application, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to comply with all Market Guidelines, as well as any guidelines set forth by local, county, state or national government organizations which pertain to the products you intend to sell. Your signature also implies the compliance of all persons who participate in the making, distribution and sale of your product to aforementioned guidelines. The Market reserves the right to bar sale by any vendor or of any product at any time. Your signature gives the Market permission to use information, photos and/or logos pertaining to your business. The Market reserves the right to bar sale by any vendor or of any product at any time. the Market committee will review all applications and vendors will receive written notification of acceptance or denial.

Tuscarawas Valley Farmers Market Guidelines

Mission Statement: Tuscarawas Valley Farm Market is designed to bring together families, neighbors, visitors and local food producers to create a sense of community and social gathering, enhancing our quality of life and strengthening our local food economy.

We encourage a partnership between buyers and growers of local farm products that benefit consumers and producers. We strive to serve culturally and economically diverse populations, and to increase fresh, locally produced, nourishing and safe foods for all people including children, the elderly and families of all incomes

Introduction: The Tuscarawas Valley Farm Market management team (herein known as the “Market”) would like to invite the vendors that participate in this market to help it succeed based on integrity and trust. With integrity and trust being the focus of market relationships, the Market wishes to keep our market guidelines to a minimum. We are asking our vendors to help us build an authentic, producers-only market for the benefit of all who participate.

The Market Management Team functions as a facilitator only. We do not discriminate against vendors based on their cultural practices; we exercise no influence on vendor prices, and we do not endorse any political agendas. We are here to assure the vendor, and their customers, that they will have a safe and consistent venue in which to build their relationships.

Market Bio: TVFM is a producers-only market that was started in 2008. The market is held at the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds (entrance on Tuscarawas Street). The location offers ample parking, shade, electric, water, and restrooms. Vendor spaces are approximately 12’x12’. A limited number of permanent spaces under roof which are approximately 10’ x 10’ are also available. We do our best to accommodate each vendor’s specific requests; however precedence is given to those who are at the Market fulltime. The market is open every Wednesday from 3 -7 p.m., June through mid October, except during the week of the county fair which is mid September.

Becoming a Vendor: Potential vendors must fill out and sign a vendor application, which by signing you are agreeing to follow the Market guidelines. All applications will be reviewed by the Market board. Vendors will receive written notification whether they are accepted or not. Please retain these guidelines for your reference.

NOTE: FOR RETURNING VENDORS: ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN MARCH 1st. If you are a returning vendor it is important to honor this request. Each year we receive new applications and we have a file of applications that have been turned down due to duplication of product. Failure to submit your application by this date may result in your space being assigned to another vendor.

Vendor Guidelines:

  • Market hours are 3-7 PM. For the purposes of safety and consistency, vendors must be set up and have all vehicles moved from the Market walkway by 2:45. Failure to do so could result in injury to our customers, and will not be tolerated. If you do not comply, you will be assigned to an end space if one is available, or you will be required to carry your products by hand to your vendor space if one is not. If you are consistently in violation, TVFM reserves the right to revoke your application.
  • NO EARLY SALES ARE PERMITTED! This is to provide consistency regarding Market hours. You may not pre-bag an order for a customer, or allow a customer to pre-bag his or her own order, before 3:00 pm. Failure to follow this guideline could result in a revocation of your application. The exception to this guideline is selling to the concessionaires of the Market Fresh Food Court which source locally produced foods for their Market Day offerings.
  • The Market highly recommends that vendors carry liability insurance; however we are not requiring you to do so. Any vendor that does not carry liability insurance (and provide the Market with a copy) will be required to sign an indemnification form holding the Tuscarawas County Agricultural Society and the Tuscarawas Valley Farm Market harmless in the event of a legal action brought against the vendor.
  • In order to clearly communicate with customers, all vendors agree to identify their farm/business name and location, and all selling prices are to be clearly marked on your items.
  • The Market reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling, or any product from being sold.
  • Hazardous substances are not allowed on the Market site.
  • The Market is not responsible for loss or damage to booth and/or products due to theft, weather conditions, etc.
  • The Market does not guarantee vendor sales.
  • All vendors are responsible for acquiring any permits or licenses that may be required by the agencies governing sale and production of the products being sold. If you are unsure of potential licensing and food safety laws that are applicable for your product, please contact the Tuscarawas County Health Department (330-343-5550 x.127) and Ohio Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division (614-728-6250). The TVFM management team does not have the legal authority to interpret or enforce the guidelines or laws that apply to your products. In the interest of public safety, fairness and integrity, the Market has always and will always welcome regulatory agencies to the Market to ensure compliance.
  • All vendors must provide advanced notice by phone/text (330-795-0551) or e-mail (tuscfarmmarket@gmail.com) if they are unable to attend a scheduled market day. Failure to do so may result in loss of assigned space, being charged for your reserved spot, or revocation of your application.
  • Vendors must stay for the duration of the market day. Exceptions being extenuating circumstances related to weather conditions that create a safety risk. Please do not pack up early. Many times customers are arriving just minutes before 7:00.
  • As a local farmers market, all products must be grown/produced within 75 miles of Dover/New Philadelphia, Ohio unless special approval is gained from the Market Board.
  • Any vendor selling food products (or plants that may become food) may choose to take part in the Ohio SNAP (food stamp) program. Please visit the Market information booth to sign up at no cost to you.
  • There are no live animal sales at the market.

Farm/Vendor Visitation: TVFM management team reserves the right to visit all farm/vendor facilities. Visitations will be completed by a member of the management team on a mutually agreed upon date and time with the vendor.

Value Added Products: TVFM welcomes Value added agriculture products.  These products are created when the original form of a product or group of products has been altered.  This process involves a specialized skill set with knowledge of the raw product that is being used in the process to create a unique, quality end product. Although it is not required to produce your own raw product(s) for this purpose, TVFM will give preference to products obtained & grown locally.  Vendors should have a clear knowledge of the source of their raw product(s). Value added product must be produced within any licensing requirements for Ohio and Tuscarawas County and in compliance with labeling laws and safe food handling and storage practices.  

Value added products do not include crafts for the purposes of TVFM.

Resale: THIS IS A PRODUCER ONLY MARKET! Buying and reselling in any form will not be tolerated. If you are not the author of a product, you may not sell it. Failure to comply may result in the revocation of your application.

This guideline is non-negotiable and will be enforced should we observe it in practice. Should you observe another vendor re-selling, please follow the process laid out in the Conflict Resolution section of these guidelines.

Vendor Space Fees: Vendors pay $13 per market day for each space. Fees will be collected on each market day. All vendor fees are used by the Market for advertising and promotion of the market.

Full Time Vendors are those who commit to being present at EVERY market day (with the exception of emergencies/illness). These vendors will have permanent booth locations.

Seasonal Vendors are those who specialize in a particular product that is only available for a limited time during the season (Blueberries, Raspberries etc.).

Part time Vendors are those who can only commit to sell once or twice a month Please indicate on your application which week/weeks of the month you are committing to. Your booth space location may change based on availability.

NOTE: It is imperative that you attend the days you have committed to. We advertise on your behalf about the products available based on the information you provide. If you are unable to attend due to an emergency you must contact us!

Conflict Resolution: Market Management reserves the right to dismiss or to put on probation any vendor whose conduct at or outside the Market reflects negatively on the Market. This includes spreading rumors about vendors/customers/management, negative or destructive social media posts specific to the Market or its vendors/customers/management, perpetuating false/unproven allegations, and any other behavior deemed inappropriate by Market Management. The Market Management Team reserve the right to place a vendor under a temporary probation if any of the guidelines is not adhered to. If the vendor does not take corrective action during this probation, they will be dismissed.”

If at any time during the market season you have a concern about one of our vendors or their products, please see a member of the management team (usually the folks in the green shirts). Be sure that this is posed as a complaint, and not just a comment as we pass your vendor space. We ask that you bring all complaints to the management, not to other vendors. We will document and investigate each concern. Please note, however, that this will be done at the Markets discretion and to our satisfaction. All complaints will remain anonymous.

Send your completed application to the vendor liaison.

Email: cvyoder@hotmail.com

Mail: Valerie Yoder/Vendor Liaison 9241 Dundee Wilmot Rd Beach City OH 44608

All application questions please call 330-795-0551

All other inquiries please e-mail tuscfarmmarket@gmail.com or call 330-577-TVFM (330-577-8836).